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Here at Terrasurv we thrive on finding efficient and workable solutions to meet your surveying, planning and land development project needs. We are a small firm where you will be interacting directly with the person doing the work. We are Rotorua based and work within the District and in the surrounding Districts to serve our client’s needs.

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About Us

Terrasurv is run by Luke Nelson. A rural upbringing cemented a love of land and a Bachelor of Surveying was obtained. He has worked in a range of consultancy roles and with a local authority which has provided a broad range of experience and the basis to become a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor. He has also undertaken further study to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Planning.

Luke values being able to do an excellent job for clients and help guide them through what can be a tricky process when dealing with surveying, planning or land development in their many forms. He has a tenacious approach to project management and has built up relationships with other professionals and contractors to ensure your project runs according to plan.

A young family, community involvement and enjoying the great outdoors (especially time in the Redwoods on two wheels) fills up any spare time.

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Our Services


Is there spare land in your urban section, or are your industrial/commercial lots not the right size for the market?
Have you bought the neighbour’s farm and want to reorganise the boundaries, or do you want to create a lifestyle lot around a prime building site/unneeded dwelling in the rural environment?
Perhaps you are considering a boundary adjustment; adding land from a neighbour's property or moving a boundary to suit a fenceline?
Is your cross-lease missing improvements and proving hard to sell or do you wish to convert to freehold to enhance the value of the property?

We can help you better utilise your property through subdivision.

Boundary Location / Redefinition

Do you need to mark where that boundary is between you and the neighbours for a fence? Are you building and needing to point out how close the boundary is to help keep the building inspector happy?

As Licensed Cadastral Surveyors we are legally able to confirm the boundary location for you.

Easements / Covenants

Are the neighbours moving on and it’s time to formalise that handshake agreement from years ago for a pipe, powerline or right of access? Are you selling a property or part of a property and want to protect a special view or restrict a building location to protect the value of your property?

We can prepare the necessary survey plan and work with you and your solicitor to protect your interests.

Resource Consents / Planning

Is that new building you are putting on the site closer than the Council rules permit, or do you need to know exactly what the Council rules allow you to do on your site?

We are familiar with the District Plan and can help you through the consenting process.

Topographic / Site Survey

Maybe it’s time to build your dream home, or you are undertaking a large site development, and the architect/engineer needs an accurate 3d contour plan or digital model of the site and features located to undertake their design work from?

We can prepare plans and digital models for your design professional to work from.

Maori Land

Are you looking to undertake a partition or are looking to undertake a Papakainga development? Maybe you need a plan of your proposed development to help support your application to the Maori Land Court?

We can help with the development of your Whenua.

Survey and Title Records

Not quite sure what you legally own? Do you need to check what those easement and covenants on your title actually mean, where they are located, and if they restrict the use of your property?

We have a license to access the Land Information New Zealand database, Landonline, to locate these records for you.

Terrasurv Limited logo

Contact Us

Given we are a small firm we are often out and about, so to get in touch with us for assistance on your project please complete the form below or
email: office@terrasurv.nz
phone: 07 393 3377

Thank You

We look forward to working through your enquiry and developing a solution for your project.